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Download the latest version of Westland Survival Mod Apk [Free Purchase/ Craft] Updated 2022. Build your character, tame your horse and survive in the best online Western RPG.
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Westland Survival Mod Apk Download Latest Version 2022

The Westland Survival mod Apk is an excellent way to begin playing this game. It’s free and can be downloaded from the Play Store, so there’s no reason not to give it a try! Downloading this app will allow you to explore Westland in ways that are more challenging than just surviving on your own.

You’ll have access to new weapons and equipment as well as skills like stealth mode or scouting abilities, which should help you move around undetected by zombies while also hunting down resources for crafting items. With all these benefits of downloading the Survival Mod Apk, why not test out what other features await you?

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Amazing Features of the Westland Survival Game

There are lots of games that can be found on the internet, but what makes Westland stand out from the crowd is how engaging it is. It has a ton of amazing features that should make gamers want to play it. Here are some of its top features you should know about.

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Online Multiplayer

The first interesting thing about this game is that it’s not just an online multiplayer game, but rather a full-blown survival MMO title. This means there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of players all over the world looking for resources and looking to kill each other at any given time or place whenever you boot up the game.

If you get killed, you get back up and get right back into the action. There’s no penalty for death other than losing some of your items, so I would suggest not taking things too seriously when you’re playing this game.

Crafting System

One thing that sets Westland apart from other survival games is its unique crafting system, which allows players to craft any item they want. While there are many different kinds of weapons, armor, potions, equipment, etc. within the game universe, you can also make any object you can think of as long as it has the right components.

All items in the world are made up of nodes, which are made up of three different kinds or types: metal, leather, and organic. Depending on the type of object you want to craft, there is a minimum number of these 3 kinds or types of nodes that you need to get the item created.

Weather System

Westland’s day and night cycle system are actually one of my favorite features in this game. While it looks like a typical survival game where you gather resources and build your shelter during the day and craft items and prepare for raids by other players at night, it also has seasons, which adds some dynamics to its gameplay.

Much like in real life, seasons affect how you play the game around certain parts of the year, much like how weather affects certain activities in real life depending on what season it is. For example, during the wintertime, you might not be able to go hunting outside.

There’s a lot of snow, and although you can still build your shelter and craft items as usual (except for wood), the landscape around you will look completely different from the rainy seasons, which makes things harder for you.

Animal Species System

You’re probably wondering what makes Westland’s animal species system unique and why it should matter to gamers who like open-world games like this one. What I like about this feature is that building a farm or ranch has never been more fun than it currently is in this game. Not only can you capture animals using traps, but

Water Falling from the Sky

This is one of the unique features of the upcoming Westland survival game by Mimboman Games. The player will have to survive in the desert for a long time, where there is no water available. Players need to find a way to save them from dehydrating.

Once they are dehydrated, the player could lose health, stamina, or even die. The player needs to find ways to get fresh water fast by any means because it’s vital for their survival against thirst and other challenges.

Sandbox Crafting System

This is one of the most amazing features that allows players to craft anything in the game by arranging available resources in a specific pattern. For crafting basic items like food or common tools, you don’t need any specific pattern, but for advanced crafted items like weapons or unique items, players will have to arrange resources according to their requirements listed in the recipe book.

So, this will increase the difficulty level due to the lack of availability of easy-to-find resources near the player’s location. For example, if a player wants bombs, then he has to gather 150 metal pieces and 15 fuses, but if he wants a grenade launcher, then he has to gather 300 metal pieces and 60 fuses. And for tribal clubs with a sharp edge, you’ll need 400 metal pieces and 45 ropes, which are difficult to come by given the game’s vast area.

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Basic Survival Feature

To survive in Westland for a long time, you will have to manage your hunger and thirst levels, otherwise, you might die due to starvation or dehydration. For this purpose, the player needs to craft food using different ingredients like vegetables found nearby and bring water from a distant place by creating a bucket or improvised jar.

Westland Survival

You can tour the island after completing the main quests of the game because it’s fully available till the end-game phase. There is no such invisible wall to stop you from moving further. You can roam anywhere in the vast open world of the Westland Survival Game without any specific questline order.

Other Highlights of Westland Survival Apk

The most interesting part about this upcoming sandbox-style survival game is the unique features and controls that make it different from other previously released open-world games like Rust, H1Z1, etc. And here we list some of the key features below:

  • Westland Survival Game has a huge island area of nearly 100 km square with a desert environment where you need to survive against thirst, hunger, and various challenges.
  • A sandbox crafting system with 20+ recipes in which players must arrange available resources in a specific pattern based on requirements. For example, if a player wants bombs, then he has to gather 150 metal pieces and 15 fuses, but if he wants a grenade launcher, then he has to gather 300 metal pieces and 60 fuses.
  • Improved graphics with dynamic weather changes that affect gameplay and how you react to them.
  • The basic survival feature of the game is more difficult than in H1Z1 or other similar games where players must manage their hunger and thirst levels or die from starvation or dehydration, respectively.
  • Westland Survival Game Free Download doesn’t have any invisible walls to stop the player from moving further after completing the main quests of the game.
  • A massive open-world environment with the desert theme and completely different controls, making this upcoming sandbox-style survival more interesting than competitors like Rust, etc.
  • Westland Survival Game System Requirements are also not that high, which makes it more interesting for low-end PC users to play this game easily.

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What's new

Clean-Up Update
After a series of big content updates, meet a clean-up patch with some helpful improvements inspired by your feedback!
— Howdy, neighbor! — Pay a visit to upgraded neighbor bases with more valuable loot and more variable designs based on real players' ranches!
— Gold Rush highlights — A bunch of player experience improvements for Alliance rivaling!
— Performance boost — A bunch of technical improvements for more stable and enjoyable experience.
— Lvl 117 — Reach for the top!


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