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Do you know what is an apk file? This article talks about the mod that has been created for the Warhammer Quest game by Meditation Studios and how it can be downloaded and installed on your phone.
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Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower MOD APK Download Latest Version 2022

Ever wanted to play as a Vampire Countess or a Necromancer in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Mod Apk? Here’s your chance! the Silver Tower Mod is an awesome mod that will transform the game into one of the most unique, creative, and fun experiences you can find.

Furthermore, it brings some new twists on existing characters and gameplay elements, giving players new strategies to use to survive the dangers of The Silver Tower.

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About Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower APK

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is a Warhammer strategy game for android. It was developed by Fat Shark Games and published by Bigben Interactive, which was released on August 2, 2017.

The Warhammer quest series has been designed to encourage gamers of all ages to play Warhammer fantasy games together in their homes or at the local gaming store. The Warhammer quests are perfect family-friendly strategy games that can be played anytime and anywhere!

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is a quest game with high-quality graphics and unique features, Warhammer is a war-themed role-playing game that lets you create your own hero, customize the character to play it according to your preferences, and battle against monsters in the dungeons of Nuln, Warhammer quest 1.6201 apk includes an extensive list of features.

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How to play the game

The game is played with a touch screen. The player will take control of the main character and fight enemies, collect treasure and gain experience points. To move around the world, they must use their fingers to drag across the screen. To interact with the environment or defeat various enemies they will use a virtual joystick to select which cards of magic are thrown at the enemy.

In this warfaring adventure, players guide their characters loaded with gold and weapons across the lands searching for powerful artifacts! Use skill and strength in kingly fashion as you collect fun loot like swords & armor. Fight using techniques such as spells, potions, traps & more coins earned by defeating monsters that resurface throughout each.

Features Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower MOD APK

Thousands of challenges

You will face a variety of challenges. From collecting gold to defeating enemies, there are many types of tasks you can do. You will get more and more powerful as you progress further. When all your heroes have been defeated, then it is time to create your team and start the fight to claim victory.

Special cards from skilled warlords in ancient times will temporarily help you during your adventure through wild lands & dungeons! Fight against various enemies with interesting characters such as dwarves, elves, or orcs. Do not let them defeat you by spinning their attacks of curses & revealing traps!

Equip Weapons

You will start the game with a small number of weapons. But you can get more and more by defeating enemies in different ways. You can get rewards for each new weapon, but the rate is not too fast. So, it will be harder to get those cards. There are different kinds of weapons like swords, axes, etc., and each is suited for certain characters.

Warhammer Quest apk

Upgrade your character ability

Through the difficult world! You will start with rags as a warrior but you’ll get powerful skills as time goes by too many magical mana potions to use magic spells attack miracles & more coins earned from fighting monsters against all odds (be careful when encountering cursed treasure.

Dangerous Enemy

The world of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is filled with various dangers. You will encounter various types of monsters, bosses, and more. Some are hard to fight against, while others can be easily defeated.

Hero ability

There are five different heroes in the game. Each of them has a unique set of abilities that they can use to complete quests. These abilities range from high damage attacks to healing other heroes. Each hero has a particular weakness, and you will need to learn how to best get close enough so their strengths will be beneficial.

Hero level-up system

When the hero reaches a certain amount of experience points, they leveled up. After reaching special levels (normally 6), players can choose which ability they would like the character’s skill tree accessed with all of them being useful in different situations and game modes such as an endless mode where time is stopped.

Missions and additional content

When you start the game, you will be sent to a dungeon where you can explore and complete quests. To complete missions, you must clear each of them first. There are a total of seven chapters in the game, and they contain different enemies that each requires different strategies to defeat.

Additionally, there are many quests available and you can tackle these alone or with up to four players simultaneously. The top screen displays all of the heroes’ strengths and their status (whether they need depleting life points; or if enemies are within range).

Conditions for winning the quests

The conditions for winning a quest are different from one another. The quests require you to complete a certain number of missions, while the Silver Tower requires you to win the tournament.

In order to get all the stones, it’s better if you use different heroes, each with a unique set of skills. Use your trusty friends’ strength to clear the Silver Tower and overcome any obstacle that is standing in your way.

Many players faced interesting problems during their quest because some characters (Blue flower: LV 1; Redbud Leaf: LV 15) could not defeat flying enemies like “headless” ones or you couldn’t get them as drops unless you used certain combinations for all.

The graphic design

Although the quality of graphics is not as high as that of a console game, Warhammer Quest has become one of the most popular games on smartphones. And it can be easily understood why – graphics are simple and attractive, but do not distract from gameplay. The background music that accompanies the gameplay also helps to immerse you in your surroundings.

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MOD Features

  • ALLIED HEROES! (Unlocked via completing the quest)
  • Unlimited Money!
  • Tinder Gold Unlocked

Common FAQs about Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower MOD APK

What is the best way to play Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Mod Apk?

There are many ways to play Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Mod Apk, but the best way may vary depending on your device and you’re playing style.

Some of the ways you can play Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Mod Apk include:

  • Playing solo mode by taking on different quests and defeating enemies.
  • Joining a guild and playing together to complete quests or raids.
  • Downloading mods that add new content or change the game rules.

What are some of the most popular mods for Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Mod Apk?

There are many popular mods for Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Mod Apk. Some of the most popular mods include:

  1. The Battle for Skull Pass – This mod adds a new campaign that follows the adventures of a group of adventurers as they attempt to stop an evil lord from conquering the kingdom.
  2. The Frozen Halls – This mod adds a new dungeon to the game that is filled with dangerous monsters and challenging puzzles.
  3. The Lost Library – This mod adds a new quest that takes players on an adventure to find hidden books and manuscripts.


Warhammer Quest Silver Tower MOD is a fantastic game, in which you can play as many heroes as you want. The level of detail and the graphic design are impressive. However, it has its shortcomings.

Hope you like it! There are so many different mods for this game, why not try the Silver Tower Mod? It will make your gameplay more interesting and fun. You can also see what is the best mod for you by reading our blog post.

What's new

- Season Two
- New Champion
- New Quests & Gauntlets
- New Weapons & Boons


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How to install Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower MOD APK (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower MOD APK (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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