True Fishing Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Money) Download for Android

Download True Fishing Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Money) for Android. Simulation of the movement of fish in the location, for effective fishing it is necessary to change the place of casting
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Download True Fishing Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 2022

The new version of True Fishing Mod Apk has been updated to 1.7.0. The latest version of the game APKs is available on Google Play, which means you can download it right now and enjoy all its features for free.

True Fishing Mod APK is a fishing game for Android, which allows you to test your skills and have fun with your friends. This mod has a very simple concept: the player casts his line in an environment similar to that of a real fishing expedition. The catch depends on the skill of the player, as well as on luck.

You can download the True Fishing mod apk mod for free. In this mod, you will get unlimited money. This mod is one of the best mods available in the market nowadays.

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true fishing mod apk updated 2022


True fishing gameplay is an animated fishing simulation game similar to real-world activities. all you need to do in this game is cast a line and reel it into – no poles, reels, or lures required! if your skill level degrades fast enough, then maybe give up and retire from the sport (just kidding). true fishing lets you catch fish with different bait options by using various types of rods along with several kinds of lines.

The other feature that sets apart true fishing gameplay is the fact that although you are not really on a real fishing expedition, but rather spinning your reel to get the desired catch like there is nothing left between this world and another.

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Amazing Features of True Fishing Mod APK


Like all kinds of computer games, True Fishing also receives a gaming experience that belongs to the third-person point of view. An attractive, high-resolution environment is available so you can enjoy fish catching in detail. When the players actively play, they have the opportunity to capture memories.


We are sure that fishing enthusiasts search for a suitable game; since fishing is one of their hobbies! In this game, there are four types of methods used in catching fish and three very distinct appearance types for them.

Firstly, there is a method whereby the player throws their lure out of their hand in front of the fishing net and then casts it by using gear. Secondly, they will have to dive into the water or jump on logs onto the swimming pool where they can place their bait down – fish instantly starts trolling around them!

Thirdly because this activity has many risks involved with it (Fishing line/hook may get tangled up etc.) as well as some consequences if there is no bait adequate to hold it – in such a case, they must go get themselves some more. Lastly, if the player has enough colorful baits (a lot of different ones are available) then this method shall fit the need!

true fishing mod apk unlimited money


The fishing simulation is the theme of this game. The aim of our game is to learn how to set up a fish trap, work on it again and again, and finally prepare for catching a big fish. And then you can polish your skills until you are good at fishing in another area as well.

That’s what True Fishing pretends to be in the first place – an educational experience that helps people with their mistakes, correct their gripes and let them play more confidently with each passing day.


A fishing game is nothing without necessary items. The equipment that you will buy is not just good but also significant, so it’s a must to purchase the relevant items to support fishing. This can be done in two ways: buying from other players or purchasing them within your own account with gold coins (Club Coins) and diamonds.

Which are also used as rewards for all kinds of interesting things, such as missions or leveling up in the game. Once you have made sufficient fishing rods and bait (all at different levels), then you should buy the necessary items related to each technology.

An important data warehouses

True Fishing has a data warehouse for the players, namely the “Fishing Adventures”. The special feature of this game is that all players can share their own fishing records and keep updated on the web. Besides, there are also achievements to let you know who catches more fish here.

With such a collection of experienced players from all over the world, True Fishing’s popularity will only enhance in many parts inside and outside China.

Consider the weather

As previously mentioned, players need to consider many factors when playing the game. A fishing game will never be complete with no rain or bad weather, right? It is because unlike other games such as Angry Birds and Temple Run, True Fishing is indeed a simulation that requires quite some effort for fishermen.

If the weather forecast has said there will be high chances of rain today -you won’t want to risk going out but only play within your house- you could at least start preparing yourself as soon as possible.

Exchange with other players

We believe that True Fishing will also provide players with a basic system of exchange with other players, in order to reduce the risks of fishing and make the game more interesting. There is no exact guarantee when it comes to exchanging items because there are different transactions between various kinds of fish and fly tackle shops.

For example, if you want to sell a certain kind of fish or lure on an open market, you can use highly-ranked currency like Pollock Fish flake as payment for them. This ensures that every transaction will be completed safely and determines who gets what fish as a result.

Other features

  • 26 beautifully designed pitches teeming with a variety of fish,
  • over 250 different types of fish (including over 30 types of fishing tackle),
  • and over 200 quests to capture various species of fish.
  • many types of fish are captured at various times of the day,
  • and there has the option of casting two fishing rods at a time
  • two fish are bigger than one!
  • Unique winter location
  • fishing with special winter bait fixes me
  • Communicate with other fishermen in the chat, and share record fish weights.

true fishing mod apk latest version

Common FAQs about True Fishing Mod APK

What is True Fishing Mod APK?

True Fishing Mod APK is a new version of the popular fishing game that has been released by Net marble. The gameplay in True Fishing Mod APK is very similar to the original one but it features some new features and tweaks.

One of the best things about this mod is that it doesn’t require any kind of subscription to play. In addition, it comes with support for players who are playing on iOS and Android devices.

What does the latest version of True Fishing Mod APK include, and what are its main features?

True Fishing Mod APK is a version of the popular True Fishing game for Android that has just been released on August 29, 2018. It includes many new features and functions that are not found in the previous versions of the game.

Is there a way to update my current version of the True Fishing Mod APK?

The True Fishing Mod APK is a fishing game app that allows you to fish and catch different types of fish in a beautiful environment.

It has been one of the most popular apps on the Google Play Store, which means it’s constantly being updated with new features and content. Updating your current version will be simple as long as you know where to find the latest update for your device.

MOD Features

  1. 20 new missions waiting for you
  2. 70+ other maps are waiting to be unlocked, such as Frozen Sea, Desert Sea and etc.
  3. Over 300 kinds of fishes
  4. An extensive number of baits (12 types of rods with more than 30 baits)
  5. Special skins, lamps and etc added to the game space without changing anything in the gameplay mode itself (can be seen in the top right corner). Now you have a chance to introduce your favorite model fishing rod into the game and play with it using any bait you like!


The post above has described the True Fishing Mod APK in detail. Please read it if you are interested in using this app. If you want to know more about this game, please go through the following link.

Do you want to be a master angler? If yes, then you should download this True Fishing and have some fun.

What's new

- Event for 8th anniversary
- Event for 8 March
- Event for 23 February
- Event for New Year
- Confirmation of Email at registration
- Some fish are open for free in the encyclopedia
- Fixed English localization


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1. Tap the downloaded True Fishing Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Money) Download for Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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