Tivimate IPTV Player Apk 2022 [Premium Version] Free Download

Tivimate IPTV Player Apk Download Latest Version 2022

Today TiviMate is the best IPTV Player that you can use to watch live TV channels and videos on your Android box. TiviMate IPTV Player Apk is online TV streaming where you can watch live TV channels from your IPTV providers on your android set up boxes and devices. There are many features like live tv, videos, movies, sports, and other stuff to watch over the internet.

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About Tivimate IPTV Player App

With TiviMate you can watch live TV channels from your IPTV provider on Android set-top boxes. intimate is an IPTV Live Streaming app, where you can watch live TV channels from your IPTV provider on Android set-top boxes. The app offers you a lot of features like picture-in-picture and subtitles options to watch multiple channels at once.

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How does it work?

TiviMate IPTV player gives you access to tons of channels, live sports coverage, and on-demand content all in one place. TiviMate is the best way to watch your favorite TV shows and movies, get updates on news and sports, live streaming radio stations, and much more!

TiviMate IPTV Player is the ultimate android set-top box app for watching live television from IPTV providers (OTT). With the TiviMate, you can watch all your shows on your android set up boxes and smartphones.

Amazing Features of Tivimate IPTV Player Apk

This application has many exciting features that make it a must-have for any Android user. Some of its features include:

Watching Live TV Channels

The first feature of TiviPlayer is its ability to watch live TV channels. With this app, you can watch sports, movies, and other programs without having to actually go out and buy a subscription plan. If you want to watch live sports events, then this app is perfect for you!

Favorite Shows on Demand

Another great feature of TiviPlayer is its ability to play any video file from your device’s internal storage or from external storage devices such as SD cards or USB drives. You can even choose which videos should be added to the playlist based on what you want to watch next! With this app, there’s no need for another file manager program since everything is done right within the app itself!

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Other Highlights

  • Tivi TV Player is a video player and IPTV player application for Android. It can play all kinds of video formats including MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, and so on.
  • It also supports many channels from around the world. In addition, it allows you to watch live TV channels with no buffering time.
  • With Tivi TV Player, you can easily watch movies or TV shows on your Android device with high quality. The player is free and easy to use!
  • Tivimate IPTV Player Apk is an amazing application that provides a lot of features. This app has some amazing features and this app can be used by everyone.
  • Tivimate IPTV Player Apk is an awesome app for those who want to watch their favorite TV shows and movies on the internet. This app gives you the ability to watch your favorite movies and shows without having to pay for them.
  • This app can be used by almost anyone in the world because it has been designed so that everyone can use it without any problems.
  • Tivi is a brand new IPTV app that allows you to watch TV channels in HD quality. It comes with a lot of features and functions that are used by many people around the world. The main feature is that it has a lot of channels, so if you want to watch some interesting programs, then this app can help you do it.
  • You can find all the latest TV shows, movies, documentaries, and many more on this app. There are thousands of videos available on this app in various categories such as movies, sports, and so on. You will also find live streams for some channels like Sky Sports or BT Sport or other popular channels like Sky News or CNN in HD quality.
  • The best thing about this app is that it provides you with unlimited access to all your favorite channels and programs anywhere in the world. You don’t need any internet connection or cable connection because everything works offline as well.

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Common FAQs about Tivimate IPTV Player Apk

Is this app safe to install?

Yes, it is completely safe for your Android device. You can download it from the official website.

How can I get a free trial version of this app?

You will have to follow the procedure given on their website to get a free trial version of this app.

How long does it take for this app to install on my Android smartphone?

It depends upon your internet connection speed and the packages you have installed on your device. If you have a slow internet connection, then it will take a longer time to install the app. However, if you have a fast internet connection, then installation will be very fast.


TiviMate app is a free IPTV support on your android phone and you can watch your favorite TV channels on your android device. This is a great application and there are many channels that we really like.

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