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Download the latest version of The Wolf Mod APK free for Android. You can Play as the literal top dogs of the wilderness and see how they live here.
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Download The Wolf Mod APK – Latest Version 2022

The Wolf Mod APK is a great game in the RPG category. It’s free to download and play, but if you want the best experience possible then it may be worth your time to purchase some in-game items. If you want to download this app, be sure to read our article before making an informed decision about whether or not this game will appeal to you.

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Features of The Wolf APK

The Wolf Mod APK 2022

The Wolf APK is a Role-Playing game where you play as either a wolf or a tribe member. The gameplay emphasizes multiplayer and cooperation between players. The game’s main objective is to survive against other tribes and monsters that roam the land at night while your character sleeps in their hut.

Day and Night Cycle

In The Wolf Game, the day and night cycle is a significant aspect of gameplay. During the day, players can build up their base, gather materials for survival, interact with other tribe members, and play games.

At night, the world around you becomes dark and hostile creatures roam about that will kill unsuspecting individuals who don’t have a weapon and haven’t prepared for the night.

Building and Crafting

Building and crafting is an essential aspect of surviving in The Wolf Game. Many structures such as walls and doors can be built to protect your character from night monsters by simply standing inside them.

For crafting items such as weapons to kill enemies or tools to gather resources, you need specific materials such as stone and logs, which could only be obtained by chopping down trees. Gathering resources becomes essential to progression later on in the game.

Basic Survival Elements

download the wolf for android

In a multiplayer survival game like The Wolf Mod APK Max Level, individual players need to care for their own basic needs such as food and water. If players do not eat or drink anything, their stamina bar will deplete, drastically affecting their movement speed. They could also die of thirst if they don’t drink any water by pressing ‘E’.

Character Customization

The character customization in The Wolf Game is very similar to games like Skyrim. Players can customize their face, hairstyle, skin color, and even tattoos (which are purely cosmetic). There are currently six different races to choose from, with two genders each (for a total of 12 races), giving every player an exciting choice regardless of gender or race.

These options allow players to create unique-looking characters and make them feel like they’re playing as someone representative of themselves. In addition, players can also choose a player name, which will be shown in-game to other players.

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Hunger and Thirst Bars

In addition to the stamina bar from Minecraft, The Wolf APK added hunger and thirst bars beside the stamina bar. Hunger decreases if you don’t eat anything for a while and gradually increases if it’s above 100%. To prevent starvation, players have to gather meat by killing animals or fish from lakes.

Thirst is decreased when drinking water from rivers/lakes/oceans/ponds or under a rain cloud passing through. Players can also craft a Canteen that holds up to 4 drinks of water per slot, allowing them to survive longer without having to drink from lakes all the time.

Silver Coins

Similar to Minecraft’s Emeralds, Silver Coins are used as currency in The Wolf APK. They can be obtained by killing mobs of specific levels or by selling items to other players via Shop Modules (see below).

Currently, they serve no purpose besides using them for transactions. Still, developer uCool is looking into adding game-changing features like changing game rules like day/night cycle speed or increasing resource spawn rates.

Shop Modules and Commands

Shop Modules are structures that allow players to sell their items for silver coins to other players without transferring them manually. All you need is an empty inventory slot for the buyer’s item, and the shop module will automatically take your item and transfer the silver coins to your account.

You don’t even need to be online for that (however, you will receive a notification in-game if someone bought an item). Players can also use custom-made commands via chat, including buying, selling, upgrading structures, and much more.

Tribe System

The Wolf APK free download

The Wolf game’s tribe system allows players to join different tribes to chat with members of their tribe (regardless of whether the player is currently playing the game or not) and share resources with them.

This makes it easier for players to collaborate when building large villages or bases instead of having everyone build alone, which may take longer, especially during nighttime when other players are offline. Some tribes also have custom permissions, such as giving tribe members or other players silver coins.

PvP Duels

For those who enjoy player versus player combat, The Wolf Mod APK 2022 has various duels with varying difficulty levels, including 1v1, 2v2, and 5v5, among others.

In addition, there are also team-based duels where you can work together with your friends. This allows the fun from Minecraft’s PVP to be carried over into The Wolf Game while adding a little bit more excitement for more significant battles.

Cosmetics and Skins

The Wolf APK certainly doesn’t lack cosmetic items such as hats, capes, skins, and emotes. There are currently around two dozen available hats, including a pumpkin head and a Santa hat that you can wear on your character.

In addition, there are also four cape colors to choose from (red, green, blue, and white), with each color having a different particular function, such as increased movement speed when holding the red cape after equipping it. There are around two dozen available skins, including a black cat skin and a cat skin, among others which you can apply to your character.

Features of the Wolf Mod APK

  • Unlimited money
  • Free shopping
  • Unlimited everything
  • Max level
  • No advertisement

Common FAQs about The Wolf Mod APK

What is the Wolf Mod APK?

The Wolf Mod APK is a modified version of the original game that allows players to live in a world where everything is made of blocks and can be what animal they want. You must survive by building shelter, gathering food, and crafting tools and weapons with whatever materials you find.

You have to fight for your life against the creatures that inhabit the land and other players if you choose. Players can also create their mods with a built-in mod editor.

What is the current version of The Wolf Mod APK 2022?

The current version of the wolf is 2.5.1

What animals are available in The Wolf Mod APK?

There are four animals currently available for a player to start with when they enter the world for the first time: Wolf, Horse, Ocelot, and Cow. Some cows don’t move. The player can also spawn a Dog by feeding a Raw Porkchop to a wolf.

Where can I download The Wolf Mod APK Max Level?

You can find the link to download The Wolf Mod APK Max level at the Top of this page.


The Wolf Mod APK is a new RPG that lets you transform your phone into an animal. You can choose from different animals and the sounds they make, as well as how they look on screen. If you’ve been looking for a way to turn heads at the office or school with your smartphone, this may be it! Download now and see what all of the hype is about.

What's new

- Hunting Boosters got buffed and they now increase effectiveness with each use
- Display for current attempts score in Hunting Challenge added
- Won competitions stat in Player Profile
- Reduced night duration
- Bug fixes and minor improvements


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How to install The Wolf Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Money, Free Shopping) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded The Wolf Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Money, Free Shopping) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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