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Tanks A Lot Apk download latest version with (unlimited Money, Gems, Ammo, Diamonds) and all unlocked by apkscity. Enter this world of epic battles and powerful tanks in real-time action against others.
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Tanks A Lot Mod APK Download Latest Version 2022

The Tanks A Lot Mod Apk is a great way to turn your Android into even more fun and exciting game. If you want the best tank experience possible, this free app will make it happen in no time at all! You can download and install this APK for free today by following the link below.

Once installed, enjoy exploring new maps with your favorite tanks while leveling up and unlocking tons of different features along the way. It’s never been easier or more enjoyable than now!

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tanks a lot apk

Amazing Features of Tanks A Lot Apk

Tanks a Lot is a very unique and interesting tank game that features amazing graphics, tanks that you will love to play with, an easy control system, and the ability to face other players online. The tanks can be customized by changing their colors, heads, weapons, etc. There are amazing features about this tank game that will surely make you want to play it more and more.

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Awe-inspiring graphics 

The tanks are beautifully designed with great graphics that will make you fall in love with the game at first sight. The different types of tanks have different designs for their turrets, bodies, tracks, etc. Each tank also has a unique firing sound, which is very cool. You can wallpaper your device’s home screen with tanks as it has a lot of tank wallpapers too. Your phone will look like a real war machine because of the amazing graphics and designs. The sound effects that come from different actions taken by you or the enemy are very realistic and immersive.


Instead of using virtual joysticks on touch screens, Tanks A Lot uses on-screen controls, which are much easier to use than any other method of controlling tanks in other games. The default on-screen joystick is controlled by touching on any part of your screen to move your aim in that direction while dragging anywhere else will allow you to target that place for firing.

Variety of different tanks

Different types of tanks will be unlocked as you progress in the game. You get to play with four different types of tanks, which are light, medium, heavy, and super heavy. Having a variety of tanks is what makes this game very interesting because everyone wants to play with a different kind of tank. The design and abilities vary between each type, so it increases the excitement when you get to choose a new one after unlocking another.

Upgrade tank system

The ability to upgrade your tank’s turret, body, shell, etc. allows you to build or customize your perfect war machine (tank) that would suit your taste on the battlefield. From increasing its speed to firing rate, you have the power to upgrade anything depending on your playing style.

Unlock different countries

Different countries’ tanks will be unlocked as you progress through this game which is a great thing because it allows you to choose from a wide variety of different tank types. Each country’s tank has its own unique abilities and design giving you more options to choose from according to your taste.

Countries that are currently available in the game are the United Kingdom, China, Germany, the Soviet Union, and Japan with more countries being tested for compatibility with this amazing tank game app.

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Compete against other players 

In Tanks A Lot, there is an option to play online against real players from all around the world in ranked matches. Each match has 6 different tanks to choose from which you can use to play against other players in an epic battle of skills and abilities. You also get rewarded with in-game money when you win a game which will allow you to unlock more tanks or purchase in-game items for your tank.

Great physics in the game

Tanks A Lot uses realistic physics in its gameplay, which makes it more fun, challenging, and immersive than any other tank game. When two or more enemy tanks are very close together, their turrets move like they would do in real life, making it hard for them to hit targets accurately.

Especially if your enemies are moving around at the same time. The shells fired by enemy tanks fly through the air with the same physics as in real life, and this makes them very realistic and challenging to dodge or shoot down.

Personalize your tank 

Tanks A Lot features a customization system where you can choose different paint colors and rims for your tank’s body, turret, tracks, etc. Smooth touch controls allow you to select different color patterns on any part of your tank with ease while having fun at the same time.

Awesome sound effects

Every action, such as firing a shell, moving around, or getting hit by another tank, has its own unique sound effect, which is what makes Tanks A Lot very immersive and more exciting than other similar games. The sound effects are also very realistic and vary with each type of tank, so having a wide variety of tanks allows you to have different sound effects.

Tanks lot is free

Tanks A Lot does not require any payment for upgrades or unlocking new features, which means it is completely free to play with. Just start playing the game after downloading it on your device. Purchase any item or vehicle that you would like to have in the game using your in-game currency, then enjoy yourself while you battle other players online against all odds.

tanks a lot mod apk unlimited ammo

Common FAQs About Tanks a Great Deal Mod Apk

Tanks A Lot is a game where your tank can change in many ways. There are so many different combinations, but players still have questions about the game.

This FAQ will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Tanks A Lot (Mod Apk). These aren’t all of them, but they should be enough to help you out.

What does buying a tank with diamonds do? Does it make the game easier or harder?

Diamonds are used to buy different tanks that have different stats, and some of them even have abilities. Many players think that buying a tank with diamonds makes the game easier, while others think that if you’re purchasing the tank with diamonds, the game must be pretty easy already.

Do I have to unlock tanks?

The short answer is “No.” All of the tanks are unlocked from the start, and you don’t need to do anything in order to get them. Some of these tanks may cost diamonds, but if you want a tank that costs diamonds, just buy it with diamonds!

You don’t need to complete any tasks or earn experience points in order to get different vehicles or guns. If you really want these vehicles and guns, then go ahead and purchase them! They won’t make the game easier or harder either.

How can I change my gun?

Go into your garage and click on “Change” next to the gun you’re currently using. From here, you can change it to any other gun that you have unlocked.

tanks a lot 3v3 mod apk

How do I get more XP?

You can get experience points by killing zombies or destroying enemy tanks. There are also different ways of getting experience points that aren’t listed here, but these are just some basic tips to help you out! If your questions haven’t been answered yet, feel free to ask below! We’ll try our best to answer them as soon as possible! Good luck and have fun playing Tanks A Lot!


Tanks a Lot is the perfect game for anyone who wants to experience all of the joys and frustrations of driving an armored vehicle. It’s free, so what are you waiting for? Download Now!

What's new

● A cold snap is forecasted. The Frozen event is coming soon. Get ready for some winter fun!
● The next Expedition won’t keep you waiting too long. It’s coming in May!


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1. Tap the downloaded Tanks A Lot Mod APK (unlimited money-gems-ammo) Updated 2022 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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