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Seven Knights Mod APK is an extremely popular role-playing game in Korea. Since its launch in 2014, this game has achieved many high positions on the top trending.
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Download Seven Knights Mod APK 2022

If you’re looking for the best game to play on your phone, look no further than Seven Knights Mod APK. It is a free-to-play mobile strategy RPG that’s perfect for anyone who wants to explore an immersive world with friends or complete strangers. The storyline and gameplay are engaging enough to keep players coming back again and again!

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Features of Seven Knights APK

seven knights apk

The MMO game Seven Knights were released worldwide in 2015. Let’s find out what the amazing features of the Seven Knights game are!

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The Characters

Before the main quest starts, you can see different models in town. Those models are characters turned into models. You can also turn your character into a model for 500 rubies.

You can recruit seven Knights characters through the one-of-a-kind Main Quest! There are dozens of Seven Knights characters in this game, including Chung, Eileen, William, Mediana, and so much more! You can also upgrade your gear to level 30 through the main quest.

Endless Strategy

Seven Knights are about strategy. It’s not easy to clear each stage even with 5 stars because all stages are very well designed and require real strategy. You need to complete subquests in order to complete the main quest!

New Gear System

seven knights mod apk offline

All heroes have 4 slots for gear. And there are nine types of gears that come out randomly when the tower is summoned. The higher the level of gear, the more slots for the gear. And every gear has unique abilities that are necessary to clear each stage.

Enchant System

The enchantment system allows you to strengthen your heroes. You can get an enchanted scroll by clearing certain stages or buying it in a shop. You just need to drag the scrolls into the hero’s gears. There is no chance of failure, and it saves a lot of time!

Magnificent 3D Graphics

If your device can handle high graphics, you will be stunned while playing this game, especially during battle scenes! Seven Knights is now one of the most visually appealing mobile games available.

Strategic Formation System

Seven Knights Mod APK latest version

The formation determines how much you send or receive during battles. Of course, the front row will receive more attacks while the back row will deal more damage. Placing heroes with high HP in the front row and placing heroes with low HP or high DEF in the back row is an effective strategy during battles!

Unique Skill System

There are numerous skills at your disposal, which you can upgrade via skill points gained after leveling up. You can strengthen different skills by sacrificing other skills. Each hero has their own unique ultimate skill too.

Seven Knights Gems

You can get rubies in many ways, including clearing stages, summoning gears, finishing quests, watching video ads, and leveling up. Rubies are necessary to buy gear, upgrade gear, expand storage limits, expand friend list limits, and much more!

Seven Knights Shop

In the Seven Knights shop, you can buy heroes, summon gear, and so much more! In order to get a hero, you need to enter the different portals that will be unlocked as you progress through the stages. You can also summon gears from the portal of summoning. And if you want a specific hero or gear, it is recommended that you try out the lottery system!

Seven Knights Wiki & Guide

If you are stuck somewhere in the seven knights game, visit our wiki and guide for solutions! We have detailed information about each event as well as some other things, such as a walkthrough for Main Quest! We’ll keep updating the wiki as soon as we discover new items, features, or anything else! 

Features of Seven Knights Mod APK

  • It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • It’s amazing how realistic the graphics look.
  • Defeat other players by choosing your favorite hero.
  • It’s possible to play the PvP mode.
  • Your hero will be personalized if you collect coins and/or rubies.
  • You can enhance your hero’s powers by upgrading him.

Downloading & Installation Instructions for Seven Knights Mod APK

The following are the steps that you need to take before installing any android game or mod apk on your device. It’s important that you follow each of the steps below, otherwise, it won’t work.

Step 1: First of all, download the Seven Knights Mod APK by clicking on the download button at the end of this post.

Step 2: Navigate to the Settings menu and select the “Allow installation from unknown sources” checkbox. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to install the mod file on your Android device.

Step 3: Double-click the Seven Knights Mod APK in your download folder. Make sure not to rename any apk files while downloading or during the installation process. It will cause an error and may not work.

Step 4: The installation process will start automatically and be completed within minutes, depending on the speed of your internet connection. While installing, if you get an “unknown source warning” message, just ignore it by clicking on “Settings”.

Step 5: Once the installation is finished, go back to your home screen and look for the Seven Knights icon as seen below. You’ll find it in your app drawer or somewhere on your home screen.

Note: Before beginning the process, make sure your device has at least 50% battery life. It’s important that you don’t skip this step because it may cause problems and errors while installing. You can charge your phone or turn on your power bank if necessary.

Common FAQs about Seven Knights Mod APK

Seven Knights is an RPG game where you collect heroes, summon them to fight for you, and challenge enemies with your friends in the arena! The game features over 100 heroes. Here are some common and frequently-asked questions about Seven Knights Mod APK.

What is this game about?

This is a turn-based RPG game. You collect heroes and summon them to fight for you. You can also challenge enemies with your friends in the Arena!

Can I play it without a high-end device?

Sure! You can adjust the graphics quality to low without any problem on most devices. However, if you are an expert in this game, you should probably play on high-end devices for a better gaming experience.

Can I get unlimited resources like mana stones and gold coins?

Yes, you can get unlimited resources with our seven knights mod apk.


It is a great game that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys strategy games. It has everything from the basics of card battling, to more complex strategic moves like creating alliances and attacking enemies with your own army.

The graphics are amazing and it’s easy enough for even younger kids to enjoy without getting too frustrated by the gameplay mechanics. If you’re interested in checking this out yourself go ahead and download Seven Knights Mod APK. 

What's new

- Event Territory
- Check In Event


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How to install Seven Knights Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Ruby) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Seven Knights Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Ruby) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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