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Download the latest version of King's Raid Mod Apk 2022 [Unlimited MP/Skill/Easy Win] Latest Update. Conquer each stage of the Raid and experience the Challenge Raid! Participate in the Arena to play against 13 million players!
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If you are looking for a game that will keep you entertained while also providing some simple strategy, then King’s Raid Mod Apk may be a perfect choice. This is an action RPG with over 100 different heroes to choose from and a 5-player co-op mode that makes it easy to get friends involved in your gameplay. And if all of this wasn’t enough, there are even 4v4 PvP arena battles.

King’s Raid Mod Apk Download Latest Version 2022

With so many things to do in this game, we know you’ll have fun whether or not you’re just starting out or trying out new strategies on veteran-level enemies. So, what are you waiting for? Download King’s Raid now and start playing today.

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Incredible Characteristics of the Kings Raid Apk

The King’s Raid APK has various equipment for each hero, namely weapons, helmets, armor, gloves, and boots. And the equipment can be worn after they are equipped with enough materials. The hero can wear up to five swords of different types at a time (excluding unique items) (weapon). Helmets, armor gauntlets, and boots all have a single slot.

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However, there is no confirmation message when you produce the wrong equipment, so please confirm it by yourself first because it will waste your materials if you make a mistake. You can get your hero’s equipment from mining or opening chests in Raid Mode or through production in Patrigio’s Secret Shop.

The Transcendence system is a new system that allows the 3rd advancement for heroes that are level 70. Not only does this allow players to advance beyond the maximum level cap, but they also grow stronger than before.

Loot System

After clearing a raid stage, there is a chance of giving you loot items. The number of items increases as your clearance rate goes up, and eventually, you will definitely get an item, even if it’s only 1%.

You can obtain anything from materials, equipment, and gold all the way up to soul stones, which are extremely useful in clearing difficult contents. Do not forget to use energy because it refreshes every day at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, and 18:00 KST!

Costume System

Every hero has their own costume. Players can change their costumes to look different, or if they feel attached to a certain costume, they can keep it instead of changing it every time.

Costumes are usually designed with great thought, and players receive “fashion points” once they equip the costumes. They will receive more rewards for wearing particular types of costumes.

Party System

You can create or join a party that is formed by your friends, so you can enter raids faster because there is no auto-matching anymore.

The party leader must pay the energy cost if he wants other members of his party to play together, but it’s free for all if you go alone! You have 3 chances to enter the raid per day unless you are using diamonds, which allows you unlimited entries each day.

Soul Stones and Gems

Soul stones are the special items that allow players to power up their heroes faster than usual. They can be acquired from normal raids, hell mode, daily missions, and events. You must awaken it before you can use its full potential, and gems increase your chances of getting rare loot, so they definitely come in handy!

Menu for Choosing Heroes

It’s designed with high-quality graphics, and you will get hero details such as name, ID, class, rarity, ATK, and DEF. As well as a bonus along with an image of the actual hero, which is very helpful.

Because most people get heroes mixed up after choosing too many of them! You can also get additional information such as skills (active skills) and heroes that are good at PvE and PvP in the profile section.

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Hero Dungeon

The Hero Dungeon is where you can get additional soul stones for your heroes depending on how far you go into the stage. You will receive 1 to 3 soul stones if you clear the first stage, 2 to 5 stones for the second stage, the third costs 4-8 stones, and the fourth costs 5-10 soul stones!

The further you proceed into this dungeon, the more rewards you get, so don’t give up until you see “The End” written across the screen, or else all of your hard work will go down the drain!

Enchant System

A new system that allows players to increase their heroes’ stats using enchant scrolls along with other items has been introduced. However, this system is different from other games where you only need to press the enchant button because it requires luck in order for success to happen!

You can get random stat bonuses or nothing at all if there are no more successful enchants. Do not forget that your success rate increases as you increase your enchant level, so always try your best to max it out!

Hell Mode

Heroes will receive 2 skills while equipped with a certain talisman called “Breath of El”. This skill lasts for 10 seconds and allows heroes to have unlimited stamina during the duration, which makes them stronger than usual.

So, heroes without this skill cannot compete against players who have Breath of El Talismans equipped on their heroes. Monsters are much stronger and you cannot enter again if you fail to clear the dungeon, so always remember to bring a party!

Daily Missions

Additionally, there are additional missions that appear every day where players can receive rewards for completing certain criteria. Such as “clear daily mission [X] times”, which is definitely very helpful in increasing your overall points and you get additional soul stones from this.

Excluding the one, you get every day from clearing main quests. These offer a great way of obtaining soul stones quickly because most of them can be cleared within 30 minutes or less, depending on your luck!

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Common FAQs about King’s Raid Mod Apk

What should I know about King’s Raid Mod Apk?

Kings Raid is a role-playing game, which means that your characters can level up and become stronger throughout the game. The way to do so in Kings Raid is by collecting gear, sometimes also called items or equipment, which is dropped by monsters in the dungeons or given as rewards for completing daily missions at the Arena.

You can then use these pieces of gear to strengthen your character’s abilities. Each individual piece of gear gives different bonuses depending on what kind it is—attack power, defense power, health points, etc. Keep an eye out for pieces with good bonuses! All gear can be levelled up to make you even stronger by consuming other gear of the same type (piece of gear A can be used to level up piece of gear B).

What makes King’s Raid Mod Apk different from other games?

King’s Raid is a completely online game. You do not need any special software on your computer or mobile device—all you need is an internet connection! It’s super easy and convenient to play this way, and we really hope you’ll give it a go.

Is there a maximum number of heroes I can use in my party?

Yes, you can have up to 3 heroes in your main team at one time, as well as 2 reserve heroes who will be available for combat during the next arena fights. Be sure to swap these out with different heroes before entering the next dungeon!

Once you’ve completed all the stages in a specific dungeon, you’ll be able to “re-spec” your heroes meaning that the next time you enter that particular dungeon, all unused members will automatically fill up your main team. You can do this for free once per day.

Is there a maximum number of friends I can have?

Currently, we have no limit on how many people you may add as friends. But please note that only one account may be connected to a Facebook account at any given time. If you wish to connect another Kings Raid profile with another Facebook account, simply go to Menu > Others > Log Out from the current Facebook connection and log in again using the other Kings Raid profile:)

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The King’s Raid Mod Apk is a fun and immersive game that you should try out. With the right mods, it becomes even better! If there is any additional information you would like us to add please let us know in the comments below.

What's new

[August 2nd Update]
- Divine Punishment Raid Reorganization
- New Items Added in Certain Content Shops


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3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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