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Download Idle Monster Frontier Mod APK and build a team of heroes by collecting monsters. There are over 150, and more to see. Merge monsters to double their power to prevail in monster battle.
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Free Download Idle Monster Frontier Mod APK 2022

Idle Monster Frontier Mod APK is a full-featured RPG that has been entertaining gamers since its release. It’s an open world with many quests and opportunities to explore, so it never gets boring. The gameplay revolves around players training their monsters to become stronger by battling against other players or AI opponents.

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Key Features of Idle Monsters Frontier Mod APK

Idle Monster Frontier APK

Idle Monsters Frontier, developed by Iron Horse Games LLC, is a turn-based Role Playing game where players can choose their monsters and train them into the most powerful monsters in the universe. Today, we will share some of the features that make monsters stand out from other regular idle games out there.

Idle Game Experience

Instead of players constantly clicking on monsters to accumulate progress, Idle Monster takes more of a clicker-style idle game experience. The player only needs to click once or twice per day to progress at a steady pace. On top of that, players can choose their own goals and set goals for their monsters.

Monster Expeditions

Every day, players send out their monsters on expeditions where the goal is to accumulate Gold and get as far into the expedition as possible. The higher the risk level of a journey, the greater the reward will be when it comes back. There are three types of Monster Ships (Land Ship, Submarine Ship, and Spaceship).

A Variety of Monsters

Idle Monster Frontier Mod APK latest version

Idle Monster Frontier offers a variety of monsters for players to choose from, with each monster having its unique features, advantages, and play style. These monsters start at lower levels, but they can evolve into more powerful monsters with time, effort, and dedication.

Unique Monster Evolutions

Each monster in Idle Monster Frontier has its unique evolution level, which unlocks special abilities that set them apart from other monsters even though they might share the same monster element type.

These evolutions require specific elemental candy to activate and players can obtain these by either purchasing it from the store or getting it from clearing Dungeons. In addition, players can also evolve their monsters using Gold, but there is a chance of failure, so beware!

A Variety of Dungeons

Players will encounter dungeons during Expeditions where different rewards await them. The game has three different types of dungeons: Legendary Dungeons, Elite Dungeons, and Regular Dungeons.

Players seeking more significant challenges can participate in Legendary Dungeon Expeditions, which offer much rarer rewards, but with it comes a risk factor.

A Vast Store System

Idle Monster Frontier Mod APK 2022

Every day IMonster offers six different items to buy from 6 different stores. Each store offers specific elemental candies for monster evolutions or other resources players might need to progress through the game. Players can purchase these resources by either using Gold obtained from Expeditions or clearing Dungeons.

Limited-Time Events

Idle Monster Frontier offers a variety of limited-time events that allow players to take part in clearing the event dungeon, collecting points for rewards, or exchanging Iz*Cash for VIP points. These events also offer a great way of showing off the player’s monster collection and being some of the best sources of Gold early on in the game.

Deep Gameplay Strategy Elements

In addition to all these features, Idle Monster Frontier also includes elements from classic RPG games, such as equipment that players can equip their monsters with to increase various stats like attack damage or defense power.

However, it comes at risk since players can lose their equipped items if their monster dies during Expeditions. Players can also obtain the element-type specific upgrade stones, which they can use to evolve their monsters and unleash their full potential.

Limited Advertisements

Aside from the option of purchasing Iz*Cash, players do not need to watch any advertisements to progress and advance through the game at an average pace. This is due to Idle Monster Frontier offering daily quests that give players Gold rewards just for playing and completing basic tasks such as logins, missions, events, etc.

The only time when watching an advertisement video might be necessary is if a player wishes to revive their monster during Expeditions. Still, even then, it will only be limited to times when it’s required.

Installation Guide of Idle Monster Frontier Mod APK

  • Step 1: First of all, click on the “Download Button” at the end of this post. After that, you will redirect to the Idle Monster Frontier Mod APK download page.
  • Step 2: Now, get your game by clicking the ‘Start Download button. Your download will start in a few seconds.
  • Step 3: After downloading the game, head towards File Manager and open your downloaded Idle Monster Frontier APK file. If you are installing an application from File Manager for the first time, it may ask you for some permission.
  • Step 4: Allow all the required permissions by clicking the ‘Settings’ option.
  • Step 5: After allowing the permissions, press the back button and install the apk file again. This time, it will install without any error.

Note: You must uninstall any previously installed version of the Idle Monster Frontier Game before installing this modded version. Otherwise, you may face an installation failed error.

Common FAQs about the Idle Monster Frontier Mod APK 

What is Idle Monster Frontier Mod APK?

Idle Monster Frontier is an idle game where you harvest resources, craft items, explore worlds, and upgrade your equipment to become the most significant space adventurer.

What are the controls in Idle Monster Frontier Mod APK?

Tap anywhere on-screen to order your heroes to fight monsters or harvest resources. Drag up/down on the world map to move quickly. After unlocking all four characters, you can tap once on them for quick navigation. You can even set shortcuts by long-tapping specific locations & buildings!

How can I get free resources in this modded apk?

The best way is to watch videos for free gems or collect coins by playing daily missions after completing the tutorial missions. Tap on the Gift button in the main menu to see your daily rewards. If you want to farm free gems, tap on the store button and tap on the Free Gems link.

How do I take a screenshot?

Press Power Button + Volume Down Button together for 2 seconds. The screen will flash white if successful!

How long does it take to install Idle Monster Frontier Mod Apk?

It depends on your internet connection speed, but you should be ready to play in under a minute!


When it comes to Idle Monster Frontier Mod APK, you want the best of both worlds. Get more monsters and better stats for your game!

What's new

- Accursed Dominion event will run Nov 22-26 with 9 new monsters!
- List traits in learned order on monster info page.
- Change insta-kills (Bushido, Vainglory) to not proc against own team.
- Fix description of Mega HP potion.
- Fix offline progress dialog to show for time warps (it gave rewards you just couldn't see it.)


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How to install Idle Monster Frontier Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Gold/ Gems) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Idle Monster Frontier Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Gold/ Gems) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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