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Download the latest version of Hide Online Mod Apk 2022 Unlimited Money/ Ammo (Hunters vs Props) Hide and seek multiplayer game. Hide Online — an addictive and thrilling multiplayer Hide and Seek action-shooter game in the popular Prop Hunt genre.
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Hide Online Mod Apk Download Latest Version 2022

The classic childhood game of hiding and seek has been taken to a new level by the release of Hide Online Mod Apk. The multiplayer online version, created for Android devices, allows players under 13 years old to join in on the fun from their phones. Now you can play this thrilling game with friends or strangers all over the world.

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Amazing Features of the Hide Online Apk

Hide Online is a free-to-play multiplayer survival game where players have to stay in a system of 30 square kilometers for as long as possible. This amazing online game is almost like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, but with one huge difference: you don’t see the other player’s location on your screen. Instead, everyone can be anyone.

hide online mod apk unlimited money

You can become anyone

Everyone is assigned a role at random at the start of each game, which means no one knows who they are dealing with until the very end. Can choose to be someone completely different or continue playing as themselves.

Stunning 3D graphics

Hide Online is not just another survival game, but a true example of the latest technology in online gaming. All this realism is made possible by Unreal Engine 4, which is being used in most AAA action video games nowadays. The graphics are so life-like that you will get goosebumps when you see how breathtaking they can be.

Hide like an assassin

Like in any other survival game, your goal here is to stay alive for as long as possible. There are two ways of achieving that: either you hide or kill everyone else around you; both options require patience and skill (especially if you plan on hiding).

We suggest playing cautiously because anyone can sneak up behind you at any time without you realizing it! That’s no good.

Three playable characters

At the beginning of each match, you have to choose from three unique characters: a male character, a female character, and a zombie that is a blend between a hunter and a ninja.

Males and females can wear all kinds of clothes, but zombies are restricted to some limitations because they have to blend in with dead bodies on the ground. No one likes being spotted as soon as they step outside!

Most realistic weapons

Dozens of real-life guns like the M16 or AK-47 can be found scattered across the map; there’s also an option to make your own weapon by combining different parts together (but this requires putting points into the crafting skill tree).

Each gun has four different characteristics that can be improved over time: damage, range, fire rate, and mobility. If you’re having trouble deciding which gun to use, read our guide on “Best Guns to Hide Online.”

Stunning vehicles

You don’t need a car or a boat to explore the environment of Hide Online; all you need is a jetpack! There’s no better way to explore this huge map than by going on a trip across it by air.

We won’t mind if you find some places too hot to handle and decide to drop from 30 meters above your head-as long as you survive the landing somehow! In case you don’t know how to fly jetpacks yet, there’s always this player’s guide on “How to Fly in Hide Online.”

Weapon modifications

One of the most important components of any weapon is the scope. With it, you can easily spot other players from far away without losing too much time or energy. Unfortunately, scopes have one big disadvantage: they limit your field of view, which means someone could sneak up on you without being spotted.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you are equipped with the best sniper rifle there is, if someone sneaks up behind you, there’s nothing you can do but cry. Don’t be so naive! And don’t forget about silencer mods-every good assassin knows how valuable they are!

Different game modes

There are two ways of playing Hide Online: either you have to kill other players as soon as possible, or just survive by hiding from everyone else. Many players prefer the first option because it’s something they can brag about on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (even though bragging here is not allowed).

The game offers an opportunity for both play styles to be equally fun. However, if you want some advice on what to choose, then check out our guide on “Survival vs Battle Royale modes in Hide Online”.

hide online mod apk no ban

Different maps

Hide Online has two different maps to explore, each with its own unique features and challenges. The Desert map requires more thinking because most of the buildings are covered with sand (visibility is limited without a scope).

Meanwhile, a winter map gives you a chance to use a jetpack with ease because the majority of buildings are located on top of snowy mountains. It’s nice when there’s more variety in life, so don’t hesitate to explore both maps once you join the game!

Cooperative gameplay

This feature is not available yet, but it will be part of Hide Online soon. In short, it means that there will be two teams that consist of three or four players each, and they will have to complete various objectives together (similar to “Monster Hunter: World”).

You can find out more about this new feature by visiting the official website and following their social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. This way, you’ll never miss the new update about Hide Online features.

Common Questions about Hide Online Mod Apk

Is it possible to download Hide Online Mod Apk?

Yes, with our Hide Online Mod Apk Downloader. It allows you to get the mod version of this game on your Android device. Without any difficulty.

This mod is for which operating system?

It only works in Android devices. We tested it on many Android devices and it worked perfectly fine if installed correctly. (Guide below)

What are the differences between common version and mod version?

There are different servers in the game; each server has its own limited number of players online at any given time. The common version, like all other phone games – requires internet connection while playing the game (when you move or attack other players). Only one server can be loaded at a time.

The mod version is completely offline, so it won’t require any internet connection to play the game at all! You can play against bots and rack up XP and coins as much as you want without an internet connection. In addition, there’s no waiting in line time to fight opponents. You can also give commands to bots, which will make them attack your opponents for you.

Is this downloader safe?

Yes! Our Hide Online Mod Apk Downloader is 100% SAFE & SECURE! We use only official methods available on Google Play Store; our tool doesn’t contain any hidden or malicious files whatever.

hide online mod apk download


It’s not that hard to hide your mod Apk from the search engines. Download this amazing app “Hide Online Mod Apk” for free and enjoy its premium features without spending any money. If you found this blog post helpful share it with your friends.

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