CarX Drift Racing Lite Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Money) Full Unlocked

Download CarX Drift Racing Lite Mod APK 2022

If you are looking for a fun game that is also challenging, this may be the one for you. CarX Drift Racing Lite Mod APK offers an immersive racing experience without requiring expensive hardware to play it on with its realistic graphics and sound effects. It’s easy enough to pick up but difficult enough to master.

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Features of CarX Drift Racing Lite Mod APK

CarX Drift Racing Lite Download

Drift Racing is a racing game that gives you an experience of real drift racing on your device. You are not actually driving the car, but controlling its movement with your device’s accelerometer.

This game features amazing 3D graphics, ten different maps, and more than 20 cars to choose from. Also, users can customize the vehicles according to their preferences.

Here are some key features of the “CarX Drift Racing Lite game” that you need to know before downloading the game:

10 Different Maps 

You can drift your way around ten different tracks, four of which are available for free, and the rest five are available with an in-app purchase. The tracks are set in different locations, including a beach, a city, and a desert. The tracks are well designed and provide a good challenge for players.

More Than 20 Cars 

There is a wide variety of cars to choose from in the game. You can customize the cars according to your preference by changing their colors and other features. There are also many different brands of cars available in the game.

3D Graphics 

The graphics in the game are amazing and give you an immersive experience while playing the game. You can see all the details of the car while you’re driving it. The environment is also very detailed and adds to the game’s overall feel.

Realistic Physics 

The accelerator, brake, and steering controls in the game mimic a car’s real-life performance and behavior. This makes playing much more fun as you can drift your way around corners with ease, just like a professional drifter! All this is made possible by using the device’s accelerometer. 

CarX Drift Racing Lite Free

Different Camera Modes   

There are two different camera modes available in CarX Drift Racing Lite – an inside view and an outside view. You can choose between both these views according to your preference. Switching between these views is very easy and doesn’t take much time either! 

Media Integration 

You can post your best drift scores on Facebook and Twitter to show off your skills to your friends. You can also watch the best drifts from other players on the CarX Drift Racing YouTube channel. This way, you can learn new techniques and strategies to improve your gameplay. 

Leaderboard and Achievements    

There is a global leaderboard in the game where you can compare your drift scores with other players from around the world. There are also 50 different achievements that you can unlock by playing the game. Completing these achievements will give you rewards such as coins and new cars. 

Game Modes    

The game has two modes – “Race” and “Drift” modes. In “Race” mode, you race against opponents to be the first one to reach the finish line. “Drift” mode is all about drifting around corners and achieving maximum points by doing so. You can choose between these two modes according to your preferences. 

CarX Drift Racing Lite APK

No Need To Earn Coins    

The CarX Drift Racing Lite game does not require you to earn coins to play the game. You can access all the cars and tracks in the game without spending any coins. This makes the game much more fun and enjoyable to play! 

Common FAQs about CarX Drift Racing Lite Mod APK

What is CarX Drift Racing Lite Mod APK?

It is a mode for players to use if they do not want to buy the whole game. The modded version of the game lets you play all levels without paying for it.

What are the system requirements for this mod apk?

The system requirements for CarX Drift Racing Lite Mod APK are Android 4.4 and up, 1GB of RAM, and an internet connection.

Can I use this mod apk on my iOS device?

No, this mod apk is only for Android devices.

Can I play this Mod APK offline?

Yes, this mod apk can be played offline.

How many levels does CarX Drift Racing Lite Mod APK have?

There are no levels in the game as it is just a mode for players to use if they do not want to buy the whole game. The modded version of the game lets you play all levels without paying for it.

Will my progress be saved after I uninstall the Mod APK?

The game will not save your progress after you uninstall this mod apk.


CarX Drift Racing Lite Mod APK is a new racing game for Android that lets you enjoy the thrill of drifting in your car. You can race with or against other drivers on an eight-mile track and collect cash to buy upgrades, cars, and more!  

The graphics are awesome, and there are plenty of fun animations to keep things interesting along the way. If races aren’t enough, try out the free drive mode, where you have complete control over your vehicle as it zips around an open course doing whatever you want.

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