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Download the latest version of Bloons TD 5 Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money) free on android. Bloons TD 5 delivers hours of fun and challenging play to fans and new players alike, with awesome features.
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Bloons TD 5 Mod Apk Download Latest Version 2022

Bloons TD 5 Mod Apk is a popular Bloons game that was released in the year 2017. The bloons game offers you an opportunity to battle with bloons enemies and earn money by popping them with your balloons and making sure you do not pop any of your own balloons. Bloons is one of the most popular games available on the Google Play Store.

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About Bloons TD 5 Game

Bloons is an action-packed objective-based puzzle game with a few elements of multiplayer that makes it super fun. It is easy to play, hard not to have fun! The game has two single-player modes which include Classic Mode and Endless Mode.

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When playing the first mode, you will be using your different balloons on levels that are pre-constructed by developers with customizable settings where you can design the difficulty of each level.

The story

In the story Bloons TD 5, seven new characters will appear in this series. The basic idea is that you can customize their appearance to your taste and use them as brave soldier who fights against the enemy with all their power. Their formation into your ranks can be mainly influenced by how good or bad they are at fighting against balloons.

The gameplay of Bloons TD 5 Apk

Bloons TD 5 is not radically different from its predecessors because of which I have only described it briefly (skip to contents). It is still divided into several stages for progression, each of which has multiple difficulty levels. The gameplay also has familiar control mechanics of the almost endless numbers of versions that it has not changed.

The several hordes bloons come to attack you simultaneously, but most developers have adapted them using a unique design so they are really simple to defeat even with just one hit. However, on some special occasions, their reinforcement greatly increases. You will also encounter various demolition balls which can only be stopped by catching their shot balloon and popping with your own burst balloons.

Features of Bloons TD 5 Apk Game

Develop your tactics

Apart from that, Bloons TD 5 offers you the choice to download more than one monkey kingdom with new enemy types and additional maps.

You can also hire mercenaries, which are special units that can help you in the game. And if a mercenary dies in battle, you will have to rely on his master for free replacement

In addition to the strategic levels of tactics for this game, it also has a set of physics-based elements You can share your tips and strategies with other players by using social networking tools – BTD Battles Facebook page and Twitter account.


In this game, you can equip four weapons. Each of them has different properties. Some are better at hitting particular balloons and some have a high power to accelerate the rate of destruction of the tower on the left side.

Spike Launch: Cone with spikes that kills all types of enemies except for Brawlers (they destroy your towers). In addition, there is a bomb attack when it explodes, which may cause extra damage to Flying Bloons

Qbombs: Crawler’s weapon also known as Qbomb in Super Monkey Ball. It attacks all types of obstructions in front of it and knocks out Towers. The more he uses the Qbomb, a huge tornado is created; this will destroy the enemy obstacles that are in its path

Mega Monkey Ball: This is an extremely powerful weapon for destroying enemies because of its size. When fired, it releases a cluster of smaller balls in front with incredible speed coming from behind which destroys all obstructions around him

Balloons Bombs: Bomb attack that pops Bloon targets individually time after time


There are many maps in the game. In some of them, you can shoot Hard Mode and Easy Mode to raise or lower your aggression level as required. They also have a Hardcore mode where you only have 99 seconds to complete battles with certain types of balloons.

Game modes will be randomly selected each round; depending on the difficulty level chosen by the player during character selection: Novice, Intermediate, and Professional You can play alone or together with your friends (local Matchmaking is supported)

Character Characteristics Each has unique characteristics: Defensive mode – Offense or Defense Attack speed – Aggression levels Health – Stamina.

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Over 50 playable tracks

The game features a total of 50 various tracks which you can choose from to play your favorite types of maps. This means that you’ll be able to test your skills on various types of maps with different layouts and geometries.

Challenging Weapons

The latest version also introduces new weapons such as the Monkey Bomb, which will randomly pop out 2/3rds of any current bloons that it encounters, in addition to the ability to destroy slowed-down bloons for some extra points.

Family theme

The game combines a very family theme. With the animations, characters, and storyline all being created in a friendly manner, you’ll feel as if you’re playing with your kids instead of playing with Mr. Bloons himself. Even though there are zombies among them, the main character is absolutely adorable always making sure that he doesn’t die too easily.

Over 250 missions

With over 250 missions, you’ll be able to experience shooting 5 different map types. Each of them is filled with different enemies and each mission has a couple of objectives that are designed to keep the players on their toes.

Players can easily tell where they need to upgrade or which path they should choose. On top of that, once you’ve completed all the missions, there is an extreme mode that includes multiple waves with tougher enemies than your previous normal ones.

New monsters

In the game, you’ll also be able to face new monsters as well. Moreover, with more than 250 different tracks, the diversity of all Bloon’s TD missions is quite wide.

Over 100 tower upgrades

When it comes to tower upgrades, there are over 10 types that can be purchased and used for your attack strategy. The basic two towers will allow you to instantly shoot at any bloons within range. Later on, as you level up your towers and get gold in battles, other upgrade options become available too such as freeze or slowdown capabilities.

Amazing Graphics

Bloons TD 5 Mod Apk’s gameplay has a lot of resemblance with that of other tower defense games. The graphics in the game are satisfactory for a mobile device and are understandable to play without any issue. There is only one thing that could be better, but that is an on-screen view which occurs from time to time when there are many bloons around the screen.

Music and sounds

The music used in Bloons TD 5 consists of original soundtracks followed by some catchy tunes belonging to pop songs sung by superstar artists such as Taylor Swift and others. Both genres can make you get mesmerized and the sound effects in this game come across as well.

Battle statistics

In bloons td 5, no matter what level you are with you can track your opponents’ stats throughout battles that attract a high number of players from all over the globe. The battle is further helping when it comes to designing strategies against your enemies by knowing their strengths which gives an edge for a dominant victory during gameplay.

Encourages progression to other levels so that you can become the top and grand master player. All bloons-specialists face new tasks when it comes to taking down their opponents in this game as all of them are filled with various types which leaves one no option but to approach these challenges carefully or risk being at a disadvantage.

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MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money in the game.

Common FAQs about Bloons TD 5 Mod Apk

What is the best way to get Bloons TD 5 Mod Apk?

To get the mod apk for Bloons TD 5, you need to use a third-party website. You can also download it from their official website if you want to play offline. If that is not possible, then it is recommended that you do not download the mod apk as your device may be banned by the game’s developers.

How do I install Bloons TD 5 Mod Apk?

There are two ways to install the mod.

  1. Download and Install Bloons TD 5 on your device.
  2. Visit the link below and download the Bloons TD 5 Mod Apk file from there:

What is Bloons TD 5 Mod Apk, and what does it do?

Bloons TD 5 Mod Apk is a mod for the game Bloons TD 5. This means that it will change or add new features to the game. For example, this mod will make your tower stronger and faster, which can be beneficial in competitive games.


If you are looking for Bloons TD 5 Mod Apk, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have provided a detailed guide on how to download and install Bloons TD 5. The game has gained immense popularity over the years as it offers great strategy-based gameplay.

What's new

Springtime has arrived in BTD5 and the Easter Bunny has been busy! The all-new Advanced map Egg Hunt is covered in Easter Eggs so the Monkeys have to be careful where they step! Finding useful places for your towers away from the eggs is sure to be a challenge. Luckily there's a pleasant pond for your Buccaneers and Subs to help out from. Can you master the strategy and earn the medals?


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How to install Bloons TD 5 Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money) free on android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Bloons TD 5 Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money) free on android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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