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Download the latest version of animal warfare and build your animal army with lions, dogs, bears, and more animals and send them into battle to win gold and glory in Animal Warfare.
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Animal Warfare Mod APK Download Latest Version 2022

Animal Warfare Mod Apk is a war strategy game with animal confrontation as the theme launched by famous game company play side studios. it is available for Android and iOS platforms. animal warfare stands side by side with flash game heavy fight a war of the monsters 2017 who provided it becomes very popular among android users.

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Features of animal warfare APK

A Battle Field Where the Most Dangerous Animals and Only You Make of It Any how Animal Warfare Game Is Free and Enjoyable User Interface Of the game is Clearly Many Animals as You Can and There Are Different Armor Based on Their Types; Each with Its Own Uses which makes you strong and quick.

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Every battle is a whole new experience

A Top game to beat boredom anytime and anywhere. Very simple rules for you to learn, but be ready for many strategic choices in your path through the game. Every opponent will have different strategies that he used to win your previous battles, so be careful when you move or stand on his square. In this way, you will always keep trying new possibilities of playing Animal Chess against all odds of other players with unmatched strategy.

Graphics and sounds

As you know, the scenery of this battle is man-made. You can see a beautiful city built with buildings such as mosques, castles, and churches in different styles. The jungle has grassland-like prairie; plains have mountain valleys and cliffs; rivers more than 70m high spread: these all make a variety of fantastic scenes that highlight the various animals’ activities vividly.

All these are very well-designed in accordance with each beast’s strength by altering their original environments according to their characteristics. While playing Animal Warfare, we hope you will feel drawn into a strange realm where no life forms are the same and every conflict is so passionate.

Build a squad

Animal Warfare introduces the concept of squad building and encourages players to choose their own animals from the breeding box to support them in battle. Players can help with a spare slot by accepting creatures into your team after striking a match on cards that are randomly selected at each stage. To create a powerful fighting squad, you need to pick up cards by using Animal warfare Coins.

Animal system

The game is divided into two steps:

1) Building troops

2) Commanding troops

Players will represent animals as commanders of different species during combat, but can also use other pieces or mass-digest zenith while attacking other players.

Players can collect coins during the normal course of the game to build new squad members, or they could buy units in exchange for animal warfare Coins from online stores.

Animal system

In Animal Warfare, animals are divided into two different classes: medium and weak. The medium class will not directly receive an attack if their stamina is less than the opponents. Weak animals can be killed in a split second just by attacking them with strong weapons like guns or knives.

Using the chemicals of factories, it is possible to upgrade your weapons. This way players can increase their animal level so that they have more strength and add speed to protect themselves against attacks from other players. The player must defeat all opponents who are beaten and immediately and return back to his place after they won a battle even if he suffered injury!

Merge the animals

Several animals merge into one giant animal. Give birth to a super strong lion, and make your own monster. When you’re safe from the enemy in the next battle, focus on merging more and more of these animals to create a huge creature that can easily crush your enemies.

Animal weapons

They will each start with different attributes such as speed or power but later on, you can upgrade their attack since some of them have access to special skills. They are also used when crossing certain distances required for fusion: –    Wolves – use claws; –    Bears – use tusks; –    Lions – roar / Okapi – swipe for each paw step count; –    Elephants, Rhinoceros, Hippos, and Crocodiles have much better attack power than weak animals.


In some situations, monsters will appear at a random time: It may not be too dangerous but it is important to defend the territory where they are located properly or you will lose some of your points and the opportunity to merge more animals.

* Does not have any physical damage, but if the player’s animal hits it with can lose up to 10% health so be careful with this kind of skill! –  They are different from normal attacks in that their animation does not stop when they reach a certain range or speed. The idea is that attack all players randomly until they ally coming while enraging other people as well.

* They are the special attacks of about 3 creatures who of course has different range and power but it does not mean that you can use them once a sprint is limited on the number, same for stealing (when crossed W-L) or death defense besides for quests like underworld raid which needs to have specified mission card to be accepted.

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Common FAQs about Animal Warfare Mod Apk

What is the best mod apk for animal warfare?

The best mod apk for animal warfare is without a doubt the Animal Wars. It is the most popular and active modded game on the market right now.

Animal Wars has many cool features such as:

• High replayability, with different maps to play on every time you start a new game.

• A huge variety of weapons including guns, melee weapons, and more!

• Upgrades available for each weapon!

• Awesome characters like cowboys, ninjas, pirates, rockers and more!

• New animals added to keep things fresh!

How do you get a good mod apk for animal warfare?

Animal Warfare is a strategy game where you build your army and fight against other players. You need to be prepared before playing this game because it has its own quirks that will give you trouble if you don’t know how to play the game properly.

There are many benefits of Animal Warfare like:

• It is free.

• It has no ads or any in-app purchases.

• The AI difficulty level can be customized for each player according to their skill level.

• You can build an army of almost any animal, including dinosaurs, monsters, dragons, and more!

Which one is better: free or paid mod apk for animal warfare?

The question is not clear. It would be best to ask which one do you prefer, free or paid mod apk for animal warfare?

In this case, it would be better to ask what are the benefits of free mod apk for animal warfare?

There are many benefits of free mod apk for animal warfare such as:

– Free mods are often more stable and compatible with more devices.

– It’s easier to get your hands on these mods than paid ones because they’re not restricted by a pric

– They’re often much less prone to bugs and crashes due to the lack of financial pressure from developers.

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Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money

Final Words

Animal Warfare is one of the best MOBA games on Android. The game has an interesting storyline and plays style with a character that includes different special skills for great PVP action.

Furthermore, Animal Warfare is one of the finest and most captivating Android games you’d ever play. It has a simple yet mind-boggling nature, with a challenging gameplay loop that would make it very addictive. Enjoy this game today (if you still have not)!

What's new

- New home screen layout! Easier game navigation to improve your game experience.
- Some bug fixes to keep your Animals fighting.


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How to install Animal Warfare MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Updated 2022 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Animal Warfare MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Updated 2022 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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