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Anger of Stick 4 mod apk is a feature-rich and amazing game for android in 2022. The hit that more than 30 million users played, 'AngerOfStick''s latest sequel.
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Anger of Stick 4 Mod APK Download Latest Version 2022

If you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping game that will make your heart race, then Stick 4 is a perfect choice. The ability to create and share levels with other players alone makes this game worth downloading onto your device. Make sure to try it out today by downloading Anger of Stick 4 Mod Apk from our Website before it’s too late!

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Anger Of Stick 4 Highlights

  • More than 30 participants
  • There are more than 30 words.
  • Unlock and upgrade all athletes five times.
  • Unrestricted Gold Coins
  • Diamonds indefinitely
  • Completely Unlock All Characters
  • Win an endless game by reaching the highest possible stage.
  • Purchase the highest level of characters and weapons available.
  • Multiplayer mode enabled (Hot Seat-Play with friends on the same device!)
  • Athletes Who Have Improved
  • There is no purchase limit (you can buy as many items as you want).
  • No need for a root

Stick of Anger 4 mod apk latest version

Features of the Anger Stick 4 Mod APK

Anger of Stick 4 is the latest game in the world-famous “Anger of Stick” series. The gameplay in this game is unique and entertaining. It is designed to give fun to every player, even if they have no previous gaming experience. Here are ten amazing features available in this game:

Play your favorite anger stick

This amazing game is the fourth version in this series, and players who like “Anger of the Stick” can play it on their mobile devices. The previous games were not available for mobile devices, but this version is compatible with all major mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows. It has colorful graphics and sound effects that make the overall gaming experience more pleasurable.

Control characters

Control two different stickman characters in a challenging level while playing multiplayer mode! For example, you can control one character each on the left and right side of the screen using two phone screens at once, or just by controlling one stickman character on one mobile device.

Optionally, you can add a player by using Game Center and start playing another level again with another stickman character.

Stick of Anger 4 free download

Amazing multiplayer mode

If you don’t want to control two characters or play with Game Center, then that’s fine too! You can still enjoy the amazing Anger of Stick 4 by yourself, and it features ten different single-player games, including arcade mode and time trial mode. The multiplayer mode gives players the opportunity to compete against friends and family in matches that are configured for between 1–4 players at once!

Two Mini-Games Included

Anger of Stick 4 has three mini-games to unlock, which include “Find the coin”, “Food Run” and “Fly and die”. You can play them by gaining access to the store section in this game and then buying the full package after choosing one of the mini-games. To unlock all three, you’ll have to complete every level in the main story mode.

To gain coins, you need to complete levels, but you can also buy coins using real money via in-app purchase or by watching advertisement videos that give players free coins. The more coins you get, the more chances there are to unlock other features in the game, such as extra characters and levels!

Advance through different worlds

This amazing game has four different worlds with dozens of challenging levels in each! Players who like playing platform games will love this because it follows a similar format and the different worlds include the forest, castle, airport, and space levels.

Discover Unique Props

Every level has three hidden special props, which are uncovered if you collect enough coins to buy them in the store section of this game. Collecting them is more challenging than completing a level, but it gives players extra fun!

This amazing game allows players who like playing multiplayer games to unlock achievements by reaching special goals like gaining medals or performing specific tasks. They can then share their achievements on social media sites such as Facebook with friends and family members!

Anger of Stick 4 also includes leaderboards that players can access via Game Center to compare scores with friends and other gamers across the world.

Stick of Anger 4 apk

Unlockable Characters

There are four different characters that players can control by gaining access to the store section in “Anger of Stick 4” and then buying them with the coins they collect by achieving special tasks or simply buying them with real money via in-app purchase! These characters include a Ninja, Robot Dood, Skull Boy, and Santa Claus, so you can play as any of them if they are unlocked.

Players have the option to adjust sound effects and music according to their preferences because this amazing game includes an option for controlling sound effects and music separately from the background music! If you have to trouble hearing sound effects, then just turn up the background music, but if you’re playing at night, then you can turn down the sound effects and vice versa.

Two control modes

This amazing game has two control modes, such as an 8-way joystick mode and a moving joystick mode. The 8-way joystick is perfect for single-player games that require you to cover only three different directions, whereas the other one requires you to move in all eight directions, which makes it easier if you’re playing multiplayer games with friends and family members who live far away from you.

Common FAQs about Anger of Stick 4 Mod Apk

What is Stick 4 Mod Apk’s rage?

Anger of Stick 4 is a new version of the famous stickman action series, full of blood. You can download “Anger of Stick 4” from this site. Now that you have downloaded it, do you want to know what features are included in this game? What are you waiting for?

Read on to learn about them! This article will discuss all the common questions asked by users when they play Anger of Stick 4 mod apk, i.e., everything that I know about this game.

What More about the Anger of Stick 4 Mod Apk?

Anger of Stick 4 is very popular because it has the quality that most people are looking for in a game! Anger Stick is a game that has a lot to do! Firstly, you can become one of 30 athletes and use many weapons to kill your opponent.

Secondly, there are also unlimited gold coins and diamonds in the mod version of this application! It should be noted that for beginners, it is important to upgrade the athlete before you get the necessary power to win this game.

What’s Hot in Anger at Stick 4 Mod Apk?

When you play Anger of Stick 4 mod Apk, many players will ask what features are hot in this game. I’m well-versed in three major topics!

  • Abundant Gold Coins
  • Diamonds indefinitely
  • Unlock Every Character

But I still don’t know why so many people like these three points. If you want to know why these three items are hot, you should play the final version of the Anger of Stick 4 mod Apk. The answer is right in front of your eyes when you play it.

However, I still recommend that you use only rooted Android devices (no need for Ice Cream Sandwich or higher) when installing this application because not all Android devices can support applications with many features and high graphics.

Are you a pro player? Do you already have a high score?

If so, please leave a message below so we can exchange views! Do you have knowledge about something else about “Anger of Stick 4” mod Apk? Post them here too. We will respond as soon as possible!

How can I get unlimited gold coins and diamonds in the Angry Stick 4 mod Apk?

In order to receive unlimited gold coins and diamonds, click here. When you play this game, you get the chance to get your hands on a big gold bag.

What is the difference between rooted Android devices and non-rooted Android devices?

There are mainly two issues with non-rooted Android devices. Firstly, users without a rooted device will not be able to install applications that have many functions or a large memory space. Secondly, the Android Market has restrictions for applications from unknown sources.

Before installing any other applications besides Google Play, you must enable unknown sources. However, this restriction still exists in some versions of the Android system! So, please be careful when installing non-rooted Android devices.

How can I get unlimited gold coins and diamonds for free?

We have already discussed how to get unlimited gold coins and diamonds above! You just need to download an application file from our website. After that, click it and install it normally on your device. When you play “Anger of Stick 4” mod Apk, you should have unlimited resources!


The new Stick 4 Mod version offers a lot of features that make it one of the best mods on Android. It is easy to use, has great graphics and sounds, and gets updated often with bug fixes. If you like shooting games but want more than just your standard shooter game, then this mod will be perfect for you.

We hope we’ve helped you decide which gun-based Android app would suit your needs best – please let us know if there’s anything else we can help with!

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